Monday, October 18, 2010

out to eat! 10-17-10

Ihop was calling our name after the outdoor sing in Douglasville on Sunday, October 17, 2010...we love some IHOP! Josh & Laura came along too..

I've Been Changed 10-10-10

A clip from the singing service in Moody, AL on October 10, 2010. Danny sings, "I've Been Changed"

Practicing 10/10/10

Playing around in sound check with an old Hinson favorite: "Speak the Word"

Grabbing a quick bite 10/10/10

Well...many a time do we pull through a fast food restaurant in the Higher Hope mobile-he'll kill me for posting this...but Danny got a little frustrated at the drive through and was trying to be funny...he didn't know I caught him on camera!

A little listener sings for us....

His parents say that whenever he gets in the car, he wants to hear "Under His Feet" by Higher Hope. Here at one of our recent concerts, he sung the chorus for us. SO CUTE!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Anyone like bass singing?

Higher Hope singing an old favorite, "Everybody Will Be Happy Over There"--10/3/10


A quick shot of the red carpet in Dollywood for the Singing News Fan Awards

Sound check...9/19/10

"Maxed out? Are you sure?"


Well apparently here we find why Danny thought we were "maxed out" in our monitor...and Keri thinks it's